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Screen events, businesses and schools with an md-bio COVID k9

The MD-Bio K9 COVID-19 Detection program provides a game-changing surveillance solution for the accurate, nonintrusive and immediate detection of COVID-19. 

Because canines have a sense of smell 1,000 – 10,000 times better than humans, they are able to detect the odor that COVID-19 causes on people or contaminated surfaces.

With the MD-Bio K9 COVID-19 Detection program, trained dogs are able to detect the virus simply by walking through lines of people or environments and will help diminish the spread in schools, businesses, government agencies, travel hubs, events and much more. 

Why are K9s used to detect COVID-19?

Sniffer dogs have highly acute olfactory senses that are able to detect distinct patterns of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) created by various illnesses including COVID-19 and its variants. K9s are already used to detect Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer, oncoming epileptic seizures, malaria, electromagnetic fields, explosives, drugs and narcotics and more. 

Here's what we offer

  • COVID K9s available for purchase
  • Event screening with our COVID K9s
  • Training courses for COVID K9s and handlers

Meet our dogs!

At MD-Bio, we only train the smartest dogs for COVID-19 screening. Once they are ready for the field, our K9 screeners help people all over the world to safely host events, as well as return to work and school.