Delta Variant

Why the MD-Bio COVID Test KIT for Delta Variant?

  • MD-Bio holds FDA EUA Authorization for the detection of COVID-19 and all its variants.
  • The test uses RT-LAMP PCR technology to provide the most accurate results.
  • Test results are obtained in 30 minutes.
  • MD-Bio can test from 1 to 96 samples per device every half hour.
  • Testing is scalable and can ensure high throughput in a short time.
  • Sampling utilizes lower nasal swabs and is non-invasive.
  • MD-Bio is, by nature, more accurate than any antigen test, which produce many false results.

FDA Covid-19 Testing Basics

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FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 Testing

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized the MD-Bio COVID-19 test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. The MD-Bio Coronavirus test is a molecular RT-LAMP PCR test, which is the most accurate test type according to the FDA, CDC and NIH.

The MD-Bio COVID-19 test is able to detect all known variants of COVID-19, including the Delta Variant.

Unlike antigen tests, which produce high rates of false results, the MD-Bio test is highly accurate and sensitive, so it does not require further confirmatory testing. 

Accurate, Reliable COVID-19 Results in 30 Minutes

Because the MD-Bio COVID-19 test is a molecular test, it does not sacrifice accuracy for speed, as antigen tests do. 

MD-Bio gives users reliable COVID-19 test results in just 30 minutes.

The Coronavirus test from MD-Bio is highly scalable, as each device can run 1 – 96 tests every half hour, making it the perfect testing solution for labs, schools, events and travel. 

covid test kit

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