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detect monkeypox with md-bio

With Monkeypox cases rising around the world, MD-Bio’s molecular qPCR assay is helping catch early-stage infections.

The MD-Bio qPCR Monkeypox Detection Assay works by detecting active infections through targeting the hemagglutinin gene found in the virus.

As the global need for monkeypox testing solutions rapidly grows, the MD-Bio qPCR Monkeypox Detection Assay will give testing centers the ability to quickly and accurately screen for active monkeypox infections using their own PCR machines. 

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detect covid-19 omicron variant with md-bio covid test KIT

The MD-Bio Coronavirus test accurately detects all variants of COVID-19 including the latest Omicron Variant. The test utilizes RT-LAMP PCR technology to provide accurate results in just 30 minutes.

MD-Bio holds FDA EUA Authorization, as well as CE-IVD, and is scalable for a variety of testing situations with devices running anywhere from 1 to 96 tests every half hour. 


FDA Authorized and CE-IVD compliant COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Testing

1. Collect Sample
2. Prepare Test
3. Run Test
4. Analyze Results

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