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Fentanyl Test Strips - Harm Reduction

Drug overdoses remain one of the greatest threats to our communities.

MD-Bio is at the forefront of Harm Reduction, which aims to supply at-need communities and organizations that are being hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic with drug test strips.

By supplying MD-Bio Fentanyl and Xylazine Test Strips to these entities, we are giving communities, and especially, individuals the ability to know what is in their drugs.

Swabbing powder

Offering unmatched customization.

build the perfect kit for your harm reduction organization

  • How many tests do you want inside each kit? Whether it’s 1 or 5, you have absolute control.
  • Add a short paragraph of text to the outside of your custom bag. Perfect for contact details.
  • Insert a QR code leading to the URL of your choice. Like your website!
  • Put your logo on each bag, so people know how great your organization is!

Now Available!

Xylazine Test Strips from MD-Bio

The prevalence of xylazine, also known as tranq or zombie dope, in street drugs is skyrocketing. Like fentanyl, it can be deadly.

Since xylazine is a non-opioid, it is resistant to naloxone, which is often used to counteract overdoses, making it incredibly dangerous when its presence is unknown.

MD-Bio will soon be offering Xylazine Test Strips for quick xylazine detection in pills, powders, liquids and more.

Click below for more info and to buy Xylazine Test Strips.

  • Quick, accurate detection of xylazine in pills, powders, liquids and more
  • Get easy-to-read results in less than two minutes
  • Designed with user safety as our top priority
Xylazine Test Strip